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Common Field

Architecture Lecture Series


A partnership between the CCB/Garagem Sul and the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Architecture should be understood as a strategic attitude to space and resources. Common Field aims to discuss architecture in its most literal sense: a collective and strategic body of knowledge that is and can be applied by everyone, in any community, environment or culture, through a series of mechanisms, devices, structures and forms. The development of a Common Field requires an assessment of the notion of common sense, a critical concept in the present context of global neo-liberalisation and political decay. In adopting a critical and optimistic attitude towards physical and cultural contexts, policies, briefs and clients, architecture can appropriate reality in radical and unexpected ways from research to construction — making visible their potential and contradictions, developing projects that enable emancipatory ideas, and thus building a Common Field. We argue that a radical architectural approach is not only desirable but necessary. Such an approach can be conceived as an accumulative process of constant appropriation, imitation, repetition, translation, and re-contextualisation with open-minded and generous thinking — with both pragmatism and humour — and based on the careful review of material reality and social conditions. Common Field will explore the threads that lead us towards this collective form of construction.

Felipe De Ferrari Moncada
Diana Menino Ferreira


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march 18 to november 25, 2020
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