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Colloquium The Bones of Architecture


Sancho Madridejos Architecture Office + Alejandro Bernabeu, Alborouj Hub Cultural. Outdoor Stage, Cairo, Egypt, 2018

A working session and debate on the relevance of the structural design in architecture and how new materials and technologies have allowed extra freedom in the design of buildings. With Bruther, Atelier da Bouça, Joseph Schwartz, Rui Furtado, Søren Johansen, Sebastian Skovsted, Andrea Pedrazzini, Alejandro Bernabeu, Fala, André Tavares and Mario Rinke.

On the occasion of The Bones of Architecture exhibition, in Garagem Sul, at Centro Cultural de Belém, from June 18 to September 15.

Among the various design aspects of a building, its structure cannot by omitted. Incorporating structural requirements into the early design phases can make the law of gravity and thus supports and masses a most interesting and beneficial driver of design, even giving the project an overall balance and intelligibly that defines its character. The considerations of building materials bring further constraints which become rules in a vivid play of forces once the grammar of a possible structure has been conceived. Our conversation will look at several possible strategies, their limitations and further potential to develop architectural spaces through early structural consideration.

Structures shape spaces in many different ways, introducing layers of hierarchy, materials and even layers of time through later additions and reconfigurations. How can spaces be characteristically defined through structures yet allow new forms of appropriation, functional change and reprogramming? How has the understanding of architectural space changed with new technological possibilities and which challenges face those spaces in the future, with particular regard to sustainability?

Focussing on concrete examples, our debate will focus on the relationship of spaces with the structures enabling them, strategies to deal with demands from various parties and how to architecturally determine spaces that are subject to changes by new owners, clients and architects.

The colloquium will be conducted in English

June 19, 2019
5 pm

Garagem Sul
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