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Pharmácia Amália Cycle

Amália History Workshop

Bernardo Salgado


After a visit to the Pharmácia Amália installation, this workshop will encourage participants to elaborate on the political and socio-economic context in which Amália Rodrigues lived. At this encounter between children, parents, grandchildren and grandparents, we will behave like detectives of the past, seeking to discover facts and trends that will help us to understand how the daily life of Lisbon’s inhabitants was organised between 1920 and 1999, with a special emphasis on the period of the Estado Novo (New State, 1932-1974). We will construct a comparative chronology between the History of Portugal, the life of Amália and the stories of the families taking part, based on games and debates about the political characteristics of dictatorship and democracy.

15 February, 15h30

8 March, 15h30

Fábrica das Artes Space
90 minutes
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