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Pharmácia Amália Cycle

Pharmácia Amália

Teresa Gentil


Music is a good remedy for our daily ills, and the proof of this is that we “prescribe” this for ourselves and use it to give us energy, calm us down, motivate and comfort us.

In this installation, we will listen to and feel the music of Amália Rodrigues, prescribing it for the states of mind that define our humanity, while retrospectively sketching the main moments of her artistic career, her life and the social and political contexts that her voice lived through and accompanied.

In Pharmácia Amália, we find three booths for three emotions. In each booth, there is a sound-based medicine on which there are instructions containing all the information that is needed for the correct administration of the “drug”. This is the starting point for a journey of discovery about the life of this famous fado singer.


Oficial opening 13 February, 18h00

With a performance by A Monda Teatro-Música


Reservation (213 612 899 /

13 to 23 Feb, 27 Feb to 4 Apr (tuesday to sunday)

From 10:00am to 13:00pm and from 14:30pm to 18:00pm

Fábrica das Artes Space
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