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Music and travels workshop

Mininu workshop

Fernando Mota and José Grossinho


At this workshop, we will explore the materials and methods that led to the creation of the show Mininu (on stage at the CCB from 6 to 9 February), touching, in the process, on African and Guinean culture and geography. We will understand how the artists recorded the voices of children in Guinea-Bissau and mixed them with the instruments of Guinean musicians in Portugal. We will experiment with traditional and experimental instruments created especially for the show, participate in rhythmic and musical sound games with objects and learn some songs in the languages of the different peoples of Guinea-Bissau. At the end, each child will take home a notebook created by the author and illustrator Margarida Botelho with games and proposals for working with the show’s themes and materials that can be played at home or at school.


Coordination Fernando Mota and José Grossinho

Production Violeta Mandillo

19 January, 11h30

20 to 24 January, 11h00 and 14h00

Fábrica das Artes Space
6+ (schools) / 8+ (sunday)
60 minutes
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