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Cycle: Memories with a Political Intention

Fábrica das Artes | for every childhood

This cycle is part of the Fábrica das Artes programming, taking the form of a series of five simultaneous artistic projects, each with an evident political intention and aimed at young audiences. They share the same feature of being literary renderings of autobiographical histories (memories that are told in the first person) transposed to an intimate space of performance: Sleepwalking Land, a theatrical performance by Nuno Pino Custódio and Rosinda Costa, based on the work of Mia Couto; My House was the Headquarters, a narrated concert by Judite Canha Fernandes and Teresa Gentil, consisting of stories based on clandestine and rural childhoods; Letters from Damascus, a performance and workshop for discussion and creativity, by Ana Lázaro, based on her correspondence with Leen Rihawi – a young female writer who lives in Damascus in Syria; Now I Was, an interdisciplinary performance by Pedro de Moura and Marta Bernardes, is an installation of future projections, essays on the possibilities of the being or of the coming to be of expressions of thoughts in music, poetry and image; A Living Mini Museum of Memories of a Recent Portugal, which results from a challenge issued to Joana Craveiro to create a show aimed at young people, using the materials that served as the basis for a show originally aimed at an adult audience, A Living Museum of Small and Forgotten Memories. People’s memories are used as the source for examining the dictatorship of 1926-1974, the revolution of 25 April and the revolutionary process of 1974-76.

After the presentation of these proposals, the chance is offered to young spectators to discuss and reflect upon what they have seen, to think about the world and the global challenges, making their way through themes relating to freedom, colonialism, militarism, transnationalism, diasporas, refugees, expression, choice, the possibility of being, revolution, political power…

In this way, both the programming and the creators themselves attempt to find another way of bringing together young people, politics and participation, by personally involving spectators in these autobiographical narratives and in the common human universes that they summon into being. After all, politics is nothing more than us ourselves.


Madalena Wallenstein

26 to 29 January, 2017

14 to 19, 21 to 26 February, 2017

7 to 19, 21 to 26 March, 2017

at CCB
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