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Pharmácia Amália Cycle

I'm a daughter of the herbs - Songs for the heart

A Monda Teatro-Música


In the buttonhole of my blue dress, there is room for poems, loose verses and songs from the olden days. You’ll find there the song of a love for a sailor, who sprouts a carnation in his mouth, and another love that is as tiny as a grain of rice. You’ll find there oranges, tangerines, young goats, woodlice, chicks and galoshes. And we carry on singing, singing, and we carry on crying, crying, Singing, crying and laughing… Amid the smell of the jasmine and the herbs in the ground, we sing songs for the heart. Oh Maria, oh Maria, oh Maria, we hear three voices singing a capella, out playing in the street, of stone, cobble by cobble, we run to the sound of the songs, stopping only to sing. In this Portuguese house, with its four limewashed walls, we are listening, as sure as sure can be, to the poems and songs of Amália!

22 February, 15h30

1 March, 15h30

4 April, 15h00

Fábrica das Artes Space
40 minutes
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