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Music and shadows theatre show

Les Somnambules

Les Ombres Portées


Les Somnambules, performed by the company Les ombres portées, is a journey to a city in transition. An old neighbourhood, due to be demolished, is giving way to a modern dehumanised city. During the night, while the city is asleep, its inhabitants dream. Their dreams echo throughout the city, bringing it to life and transforming it into a place where everything is possible.

Making use of irony, Les Somnambules evokes these contemporary transformations and sketches out for us the look of a city whose appearance is shaped by its inhabitants.

The story is told through a spectacular scale model of the city that gains life through its lights and shadows, with four puppeteers and two musicians who conduct the audience through waves of imagination.

Logótipo - Lisboa Capital Verde

22 May, 10h30 and 14h30

23 May, 11h30 and 16h00

Small Auditorium
55 minutes + 20 backstage tour
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