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Pharmácia Amália Cycle

Assim devera eu ser (So should I be)

Catarina Moura, Celina da Piedade and Sara Vidal


In the time of the story of the cricket and the ant, singing wasn’t a profession. People sang to earn a living: it was part of the lives of the poor. Even so, poor though she was, the young Amália wasn’t like the cricket who began to earn a living. Someone who sings so well also teaches others how to sing. That’s why we have come here – to sing Mourarias and Casas da Mariquinhas and the Formiga Bossa Nova, about the ant who also wanted to be a cricket. That’s why the three of us are here: an Amália-Catarina, an Amália-Celina and a Sara, who is also an Amália. That’s why you’re here: to learn the songs of that other Amália, who was a young girl and an embroideress and also a woman and a fado singer. So well did she sing!


11 to 13 March, 10h30 (3 to 5 years old) e 14h30 (1st grade)

14 and 15 March, 11h30 and 15h30 (3+ years old)

Fábrica das Artes Space
45 minutes
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