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Big Bang - Adventurous Music Festival for a Young Audience

Salto Vocale

Bernard Massuir (Belgium), Pequenos Cantores do Conservatório de Lisboa (Portugal)


Salto Vocale

Concert (included in the Nomads Project of the Big Bang Network)

A comedian, clown, musician, composer, vocal acrobat and an explorer of untrodden paths, this mad genius manages all by himself to give life to a whole orchestra, with humour and a sense of lightness.
In this opus, Bernard Massuir will explore all the colours and forms of the voice, on a journey through the world of the vocal art, inviting his audience to discover a wide and varied range of musical landscapes.
On this occasion, the Belgian musician forms part of the Big Bang Network’s Nomads Project and will be accompanied on stage by the Pequenos Cantores do Conservatório de Música de Lisboa, who will add their voices and share in some truly spontaneous moments.


The Nomads Project: For each version of the Big Bang Festival, the host country invites a musician or a group of artists from another country. These “nomads” will then prepare a concert in which they will give a live performance, playing with children or young musicians from the host country.

21 and 22 October, 2016 | 11:30, 14:30
Sophia de Mello Breyner Room
40 minutes
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