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Music for You – Unlikely Instruments

Vincent Martial: Extension


Informal concerts designed for families.

The last four editions of the Music for You mini-concerts, which have been taking place since 2013, have all dealt with specific themes related to the programme: Erudite Music, Jazz, World Music and Pop Rock.
For the 2016/2017 season, we propose a somewhat different kind of programme: Unlikely Instruments, in which musicians from various parts of the world share their inventions in the multidisciplinary universe of experimental and electronic music, building new instruments with a powerful visual component and sound sculptures.
Once a month, we invite musicians to play for 30 minutes, and, at the end of their performance, to answer questions put to them by a curious public. The concert offers a moment of intimacy based on the proximity of the audience to the performance, in which the musicians offer their knowledge and experience of music to children and adults alike, in order to satisfy all of their curiosity.

A co-production with Sonoscopia

Vincent Martial: Extension 

Extension is a musical performance for flute, percussion and a small ensemble of robotic sound sculptures. Essentially using recycled materials, a scenario is constructed, filled with machines that are apparently dysfunctional, but are capable of producing surprisingly beautiful sounds.

Production Sonambule / Co-production Césaré, Le Cube / Support Lutherie Urbaine, Dicream, Fondation de France
Presentation in Portugal: partnership between CCB/Fábrica das Artes, Sonoscopia and Centro Cultural Vila Flor

25 fevereiro, 2017 | 18:00

Luís de Freitas Branco Room
30 minutes + conversation
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