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Big Bang - Adventurous Music Festival for a Young Audience

Hop Frog Fanfare (BE) + Big Band Júnior (PT)

Fábrica das Artes | For every childhood

Concert (part of Big Bang Network’s Nomads Project)

What happens when a young jazz big band gets infected with the HOP FROG - streetvirus? Possible symptoms of the virus are: an urge for musical experiments, dancing feet and vocal outbursts. You'll definitely discover a new style!

HOP FROG fanfare is a Belgian brass band which operates at the borders of free jazz, theatre and absurdism. HOP FROG musicians Bert Bernaerts (trumpet) and Tijl Piryns (percussion) will rehearse in Lisboa with 13 Portuguese musicians of BIG BAND junior. The result of this intense week of rehearsals will be presented in a concert where all HOP FROG and BIG BAND junior musicians will make you smile and... dance.


The Nomad Project: In each version of the festival, the welcoming country invites a musician or a collective from another country. These “nomads” will prepare a live show where they will perform together with children or young musicians from the host country.

Hop Frog FanfareKoen Bollen (soprano sax), Hanne De Backer (baritone sax), Bert Bernaerts (trumpet), Mario Conjaerts (trumpet), Loes Minnebo (trombone), Glen De Jonghe (sousaphone), Tijl Piryns (snare drum), Sarah Vanimpe (percussion), Tim Coenen (bass drum), Boris de Laet (snare drum)

Big Band Junior - Artistic Direction Claus Nymark / Pedagogic Direction Alexandra Ávila and João Godinho / Musicians Frederico Araújo (clarinet), André Simões (alto saxophone), Bernardo Tinoco (alto saxophone), Ricardo Neto (alto saxophone), Sofia Sena (alto saxophone), Thomas Childs (trumpet), Tomás Ferreira (trombone), Diogo Lopes (piano), Francisco Gomes (piano), Afonso Lourenço (electric guitar), Pedro Rodrigues (electric bass), Tomé Ferreira (drums), Matilde Madeira Lopes (voice) / Production CCB | Hot Clube de Portugal


Big Bang – Adventurous Music Festival for a Young Audience is coproduction between Centro Cultural de Belém and Zonzo Compagnie and part of the European Big Bang Network, financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

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23 October 2015 | 16h30

24 October 2015 | 17h00

Main Auditorium
40 minutes
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