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A theatre and dance show


Victor Hugo Pontes


Fábrica das Artes | For everychildhood

“The river that drags everything is known as violent but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest him.”
Bertolt Brecht

Margin takes as its inspiration the 1937 novel by Jorge Amado, Capitães de Areia (Captains of the Sands), which portrays a group of abandoned children and adolescents who live in the streets of São Salvador da Baía, stealing to eat, and sleeping in a trapiche – a warehouse where, as a kind of family, they protect one another and survive one day at a time. Eighty years after the book was first published, I am interested in questioning who exactly the new captains of the sands are, and have sought my inspiration in the social reality of these children, aware that there is not always a happy ending. Who are these people that are placed at the margins, and when does this marginalisation begin? At the starting point of the game of life, do we all have the same possibilities or do some of us start the fight already at a disadvantage? Are there ways of breaking free from this? What are they? Seriously? Are you sure? Will the new world that we manage to build with all our ideals of equality for everyone really be a brave and admirable one? Following an idea of documentary theatre, and in collaboration with Joana Craveiro, this project will be founded on work undertaken with young people who have been deprived of an education, food, affection, a father, a mother, young people who have committed crimes, young people who began life at a disadvantage or who have found themselves at a disadvantage for reasons that are often beyond their control. Young people and children who, nonetheless, continue to fight for their freedom, and, in some cases, to upset the board on which the game is being played – the very board where, side by side, at the start, we were already different from one another, like an inevitable fatality.

Director: Victor Hugo Pontes
Text: Joana Craveiro
Set design: F. Ribeiro
Music: Marco Castro and Igor Domingues (Throes + The Shine) 
Technical direction and lighting design: Wilma Moutinho
Performers: Alexandre Tavares, André Cabral, David S. Costa, Hugo Fidalgo, João Nunes Monteiro, José Santos, Magnum Soares, Marco Olival, Marco Tavares, Nara Gonçalves, Rui Pedro Silva and Vicente Campos 
Estagiários Beatriz Baptista (Ginásio Escola de Dança) e João Filipe Abreu (FCSH)

Artistic consultancy: Madalena Alfaia
Executive Production: Joana Ventura

Partnerships Centro de Educação e Desenvolvimento de Pina Manique - Casa Pia de Lisboa e Instituto Profissional do Terço 

Co-produced by: Nome Próprio, CCB/Fábrica das Artes and Teatro Aveirense

Nome Próprio é a structure in residence at Teatro Campo Alegre, as part of the Teatro em Campo Aberto program.

Commissioned by: CCB/Fábrica das Artes

27 January, 2017 | 21:00

28 January, 2017 | 16:00

30, 31 January, 1 February, 2017 | 11:00

Small Auditorium
50 minutes
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