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Big Bang – An Adventurous Music Festival for a Young Audience


Joana Gama and Victor Hugo Pontes

Fábrica das Artes | For every childhood

In children’s imagination, the night is perhaps the first of the great mysteries. The shadows, the darkness, the silence, the street sounds and the movements in the house inspire fantasies, a lot of fears and some fascination. Based on the work undertaken with schools at different phases in its creation, Nocturne will take inspiration from many possible nights – in a village or in a city, under the stars or in improbable shelters. Different sounds and experiences, with or without stars, but always under the same dark sky.

Co-creators: Joana Gama and Victor Hugo Pontes
Artistic direction and set design: Victor Hugo Pontes
Performers: Joana Gama, Paulo Mota and Victor Hugo Pontes
Musical composition: João Godinho
Technical direction and lighting design: Wilma Moutinho
Sound design: Suse Ribeiro and João Godinho
Light operator: Pedro Correia
Sound operator: João Monteiro
Stage machinery: Filipe Silva
Props (Spiders): Emanuel Santos
Production director: Joana Ventura

Residency support: Centro Cultural Vila Flor
Co-produced by: Nome Próprio, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal do Porto Campo Alegre.Rivoli and CCB/Fábrica das Artes

Project funded by: the Portuguese Government – Ministry of Culture/Directorate-General for the Arts, with special support provided by the 2017 Edition.

Nome Próprio is a resident structure at Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre, under the scope of the Teatro em Campo Aberto programme.


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20 and 21 October, 2017 | 10:30 and 13:45
Rehearsal Room
45 minutes
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