Banjazz - A Tiny Weird Grub

The first CD/DVD released by CCB/Fábrica das Artes


Children live naturally in awe of their existence – that’s why they are naturally philosophical beings. José Gil

If there was nothing, how did there come to be something? is the question that naturally arose from a cycle conducted by Fábrica das Artes - “Thought, Philosophy and Artistic Contemplation”. This cycle involved children, adolescents, parents, philosophers and artists, with a special focus on very young people. The main aim was to lead children to develop a more abstract way of thinking, as well as to question the very existence of things, simultaneously building bridges with art.

This book, with a preface by José Gil, began with the lecture cycle “Thought, Philosophy and Artistic Contemplation”, and was developed in parallel with the work undertaken by the research laboratory. It is composed of four texts written by: Madalena Wallenstein, Rita Pedro, Ana Silvestre and Teatro do Silêncio.

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