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Inspired by the work of Jorge Amado, O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá (The Swallow and the Tom Cat)

An unlikely friendship… a grumpy old cat … and an energetic young swallow…
For children aged from 4 to 10 

Once upon a time, there was a grumpy old cat who lived in a forest where nobody liked him. Little was known of his past, but there was a rumour going round that he was the thief who, every spring, stole the eggs from different families of birds. Because of this, the birds of the forest built their nests on branches higher and higher up the trees, hoping in this way to save their eggs from the attacks of this wicked thief. 

There was also once a happy young swallow. Everyone admired him and wanted to be his friend because he was so beautiful and so lively. He was the best singer in the forest, but it was said that one day he would become a lawyer or a doctor in the Forest of Birds, since he came from an ancient family of swallows from high society.

We will go into the forest and discover how these two quite different personalities became such good friends. We will get to know their story, a story whose ending will be decided by those taking part in the party, who will all perform it together, with music and lots of movement. And before we sing Happy Birthday, there will still be some time left to make our own fantastic paper shapes of cats and swallows that we can then take home with us.

After we’ve been on this journey, we’ll rehearse a show in which everyone will take part. Ladies and gentlemen, please can we have your attention, for, with musicians and actors, we’ll be performing the story “Cats Alive!”

The show is about to begin!

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