We all think about us

Book and documentary
Digital version also available in English


Coordinating editor Madalena Wallenstein

Texts Madalena Wallenstein, Graça Castanheira, Filipe Faria, Joana Craveiro, Fernando Mota, Pedro de Moura, Jas, Pedro Penim, Cláudia Andrade, Carla Galvão, Mafalda Saloio, Rute Rocha, Pedro Barbeitos, José Mateus, Paula Varanda, Patrícia Vieira, Ana Beatriz Degues, Vasco Negreiros, António Oliveira, Julieta Rodrigues, Caroline Bergeron, António-Pedro, Rui Pina Coelho, Walter Omar Kohan, Catarina Silva Martins, Miguel Honrado, Jorge Ramos do Ó, Elisabete Paiva, Ainhoa Vidal, Pedro Prista, Clara Capitão, Magda Costa, Nuno Leitão

Directed by Graça Castanheira with Madalena Wallenstein

Free download of the digital version and documentary in English available.
You can download here the aplaication form and send it by email to fabricadasartes@ccb.pt.


Based on the programming of the CCB’s Fábrica das Artes for 2015, which consisted of our best or most significant performances and workshops from previous years (the Best of Fábrica das Artes), this book and documentary are the result of a long series of reflections by many different people involved in the work of artistic programming for children.

People from the worlds of theatre, music, dance and the visual arts talk about the processes that they follow, their aims and their concerns, in a book that also includes contributions from thinkers from various fields of knowledge, who were invited to express their views about this specific field of artistic creation.

The book We all think about us also includes a documentary filmed by Graça Castanheira with Madalena Wallenstein, which records the various dimensions of the Fábrica das Artes programming throughout 2015.

“What art is appropriate for childhood? What is childhood? Which childhoods does the programming cover? What surprises and curiosities are activated here? […] How do artists see the childhoods of the audience in their creative processes? What is the value of the artistic experience for these audiences? What is artistically educational for children?”

(Madalena Wallenstein, on the information sheet of the “After the Surprise” conference, May 2016)