Simultaneous Translation


The Conference Centre provides simultaneous translation services, equipment or translators-interpreters.

The Conference Centre main rooms - Luís de Freitas Branco, Sophia de Mello Breyner and Almada Negreiros - are equipped with simultaneous translation boxes, with capacity for 9 idioms.
Rooms are provided with an infrared emission system, Commissioner units and Chairman units, with a voting system and HDI1029 PLL Sennheiser receptors. The translation boxes are double or triple, with an area of 9,25m (3,70 x2,50m) and are equipped with Digital Congress Network system (PHILIPS).
The customer is responsible for all the equipment, as well as earphone receptors distributed to the participants. The eventual lack of material will be charged. 

We intermediate simultaneous translation services, selecting official interpreter teams, national and international, extremely qualified, with great experience in conferences at the highest level, fitting the specificity of each event.
After translation service confirmation, if the organizer renounces it, no matter what reasons, the interpreters will receive full payment, according to the AIIC statutes.